What To Buy

Arts & Crafts

Hong Kong is the ideal place to make major purchases of antiques and artifacts. For a variety of goods, such as porcelain, silk garments, musical instruments, seals and handicrafts, Chinese department stores offers a wide range, and make good one-stop shops.

Clothing & Tailors

In Hong Kong, there is something for every fashion finder's budget and plenty for those who want to make a style statement all of their own. From chic local brands to unique custom-made designs, it’s all out there for you to explore!  A figure-hugging traditional cheongsam (Chinese dress) might make the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Additionally, there are many tailor-made suit shops in Hong Kong. The highly-skilled tailors will consider not only the choice of material, but also the ratio of the whole suit set. Most of these shops can deliver your tailored suits back to you within 3 days.