Five bus companies operate numerous routes in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island. Various cross-harbour and airport routes are available.


Public Light Buses (PLBs) are minibuses with not more than 16 seats. Green PLBs offer scheduled services with fixed routes and fares while red ones have no fixed routes or fares, only that they must arrive at the destination posted on the sign. The drivers stop to take people who wave, provided that the minibus is not full and it is a legal place to stop. They stop wherever passengers request to disembark as well.


In Hong Kong, there are three types of taxis, red, green and blue.

  • Red: Anywhere in Hong Kong except Lantau Island.
  • Green: New Territories, parts of Kowloon and the airport.
  • Blue: Lantau Island only.

There are many taxi ranks along the streets, and you can also call for a booking. Taxi drivers are usually familiar with the English names of famous hotels and streets, but in general their English proficiency is relatively low. Therefore, it is better to have your destination written in Chinese.